As entrepreneurship has been on the rise for women, there are currently 12.3 million businesses owned by women in the United States alone. These businesses are thriving, but some places are better than others. Take a look at the best cities for women entrepreneurs. 

  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the top cities for tech, and it is also the best city for women entrepreneurs. One study found that women make up 43.8% of the business owners in Seattle. In addition, the earning gap between men and women is just 6%. The workforce is well educated, and the state income tax is 0%. This means that you keep more of what you earn. 

  1. Paradise, Nevada

The second best city was Paradise, Nevada, a city next to Las Vegas. In this city, women actually earn twice as much money as the men. Housing costs are the lowest of all of these cities, and the only drawback is that there aren’t a lot of highly skilled workers there. 

  1. Florida: Orlando and St. Petersburg

There are two cities in Florida, Orlando and St. Petersburg. Florida has no state income tax, and women actually earn more money than men. In addition, there is a relatively low cost of living in these cities, so women keep more of what they earn. 

  1. Arizona: Gilbert and Scottsdale

These two cities in Arizona are great choices for women. Scottsdale has a strong community for women entrepreneurs, and there are plenty of highly skilled workers there. Gilbert has a lot of great benefits, and women are successful there as well. 

  1. Durham, North Carolina

Next on the list is Durham, NC, which is part of the Research Triangle. There are a lot of women entrepreneurs there, and they enjoy lower housing costs and great job growth numbers. Although it is one of the top places for women entrepreneurs, the earnings gap between men and women is close to 30%.

  1. Portland, Oregon

There are a lot of reasons that Portland is a great place for women entrepreneurs. 42.7% of business owners are women there. However, the city has a high income tax rate and they are experiencing some social unrest.