Standout Leadership

Proving your leadership skills is often the key to moving up in the workplace, but the adversity that businesses often face in today’s climate means that being a good leader, or even a great one, often doesn’t cut it anymore. To thrive in environments like this, you need to stand out above the rest, and doing so can be a bit difficult, especially if there are a lot of candidates for the same spot. Here are some traits of a stand-out leader. 

  • Uses Change to Promote Growth

Stand-out leaders often are not just content with managing a business’s current momentum – they intervene and force people to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. An unwillingness to embrace change is a sure-fire way to ensure that your company stays standing still in the market.

  • Values Uniqueness, not Imitation

The process of asking “how can we be different?” or “how can we change the game?” is often the stock and trade of great leadership. Rather than relying on copying better strategies and processes from competitors, they focus on moving out of the herd and differentiating the company in the market.

  • Embraces Uncertainty

Uncertainty is becoming a more common element of doing business these days, and great leaders understand that. Rather than hoping for certainty and settling down, great leaders teach their teams to embrace uncertainty and work around it.

  • Understands and Embraces Imperfection

Perfectionism is often paralyzing, and leaders who insist on perfection will often run companies into the ground chasing an ideal. Leaders who embrace imperfection are more willing to direct their energy into projects that have momentum. 

  • Voracious Learner

Anyone who claims to know everything about their field is just trying to look good – the best leaders know that what got them to the point they’re at won’t be enough to get them any further, and they’re constantly learning new information to help them keep moving forward.