Colette Kemp

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About Colette Kemp

Originally from London, England, Colette Kemp immigrated to the United States to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship. Ever since, she has led multiple small businesses to success, making her younger self proud. Currently, Colette lives in Fort Myers, Florida, where she owns and operates Kemp Funeral Group. This firm of hers seeks independent funeral homes to acquire in Florida and the Southeast United States. By offering personalized solutions to funeral home owners who may be ready to step back or retire, Kemp Funeral Group ensures a smooth transition fit to each funeral home owner’s specific needs. Colette brings years of experience to this current role. Her expertise in business relations and development has taught her the importance of customer service, finance, team building, and much more.

Prior to founding Kemp Funeral Group, Colette Kemp co-founded a marine engineering firm, Kemplon Engineering. From 2005 until the end of 2019, she acted as the Chief Executive Officer. This firm specialized in ship repair services, which also paid homage to Colette’s prior career as a Chief Stewardess on yachts. Colette’s career with Kemplon Engineering grew her entrepreneurial skills immensely, especially as it fulfilled her entrepreneurial goals. 

Throughout her time here, she played a significant role in building the business up from scratch. Colette oversaw operations during a 4-year support contract to a Government Prime Contractor. Along with this, Colette oversaw compliance, safety, team building, vendor management, finances, and logistics in multiple locations throughout the United States. During her time in this role, she grew the company from start-up to multi-million dollar revenues. Colette played a key role in developing her team and leading the company to success over the years.

Colette Kemp also had a brief stint of working as a Principal for The Right Hire, Inc. during her time leading Kemplon Engineering. This company created a unique recruiting process that placed newly Certified Nursing Assistants with nursing facilities in Florida, specifically with the purpose of providing senior care. 

Looking back over her career, Colette is thankful for the sacrifices she made and the risks she took. Though immigrating to the United States was a high-risk business venture, it paid off exponentially. Colette continues to pursue her entrepreneurial goals with Kemp Funeral Group. On top of this role, she also currently publishes weekly small business-related blogs, writes management-related articles for trade magazines, and is a member of Toastmasters International. 

As a female entrepreneur, Colette Kemp supports women-owned small businesses and enjoys seeing female entrepreneurs thrive in their selected industries. She enjoys staying on top of trends and connecting with other women in the funeral service. Other areas of interest include hiring trends, work-from-home trends, employee development, small business trends and finances, and funding options.

Outside of work, Colette is involved in nonprofit work. More specifically, she supports several animal rescues. Throughout her efforts, Colette has had the chance to foster and even adopt rescue dogs and horses.

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